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Your journey to radiant confidence

porcelain veneers process

Welcome to the transformative Savage Smile process, where we turn dreams of a dazzling smile into reality.

Follow these steps to achieve the smile you've always
Consultation: Unveiling Your Dream Smile

Your journey begins with a consultation with Dr. Savage. Dr. Savage takes the time to understand your unique smile goals. We'll discuss your preferences, assess your dental health, and create a personalized plan to achieve your Savage Smile vision. Book your in-person consultation here or Message “Savage Smile” to @RyanSavageDDS for a FREE virtual consultation.

Cleaning: A Fresh Canvas for Brilliance

Before we start crafting your Savage Smile, we ensure your teeth are in optimal health. Professional cleaning removes any plaque or stains, providing a pristine canvas for your smile makeover.

Design presentation:
Check out your smile

We craft an exact mold of your current smile and present what your new Savage Smile will look like after we have placed your custom porcelain veneers and you sign off and approve the preview of your Savage Smile.

Temporary Veneers: A Glimpse of What’s to Come

Now, the magic begins. You will walk out with your new look. You'll see a great preview of what your permanent Savage Smile will look like with your temporary veneers. Now you can smile with confidence.

Permanent Veneers: Crafting Your Masterpiece

Congratulations! You reached the finish line, you get the ultimate Savage Smile. These ultra-thin, tailor-made porcelain shells are designed to enhance your smile's natural beauty and radiate confidence.

Follow-Up and Cleaning: Ensuring Long-lasting Brilliance

We schedule follow-up appointments to assess your veneers' fit and appearance and a cleaning to help preserve your smile's brilliance for years to come.

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